About Us

Forever  Floors  of Pittsburgh LLC

Do people walk into your home or business and immediately say "Ohhhh, this is beautiful, who did your flooring?" When they walk into your kitchen and see that warm stone or tile backsplash, do they ask you "Who did that for you?" Do your hardwood floors beam with excellence when you look across that room? What about that carpet job?

At Forever Floors of Pittsburgh, our goal is to get that reaction with every single job we complete! "It's not enough to just put a floor in", says owner John Owen. "We want our designs and installations to stand out!" With the countless number of flooring stores and fly by night installers out there today, how do you know who you can trust? At Forever Floors, we hear the same comments from people every day! "We're just not sure what we want to do or how to do it" or "The last guy we had do our floors didn't do such a good job. Can you help us?" Yes we can! Our commitment to EXCELLENCE with your project is and always will be our #1 GOAL!!! We will work with you every step of the way, on every detail to make your project beautiful!

Take a look through our photo gallery at some of the projects we've completed throughout the Pittsburgh area. Floors, walls, we do it all. There's no job too big or too small. We approach them all with the same commitment to quality and excellence! So when they walk into your home or business and you hear, "Ohhhh, this is gorgeous! Who did this for you?" You can say, "Forever Floors of Pittsburgh! Who else?"